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Welcome to C# Helper!
Over the years I've gathered an extensive collection of .NET programming tips and tricks. I recently started building this site to share those tips in the form of simple example programs.

Important Note: The text on an example page only covers the most important aspects of that example. It does not cover every last detail, so many of the examples will not run if you just type in what's shown in the web page! Click the Download button at the top of the example to download the working example program.

Four good ways to find the example you need:

  • Look on my Blog. It provides all of the bloggerful tools you need to look for examples by category, title search, content search, date, and other stuff.
  • Click the Search link at the top of this page to use Google's search engine.
  • Look on the Index page for a listing of examples. This is particularly useful if you just want to browse for something interesting.
  • If you really can't find something, contact me. I may be able to figure out where it's squirreled away. If I don't have an example that can help, I may at least be able to give you some hints.