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Title: Segmented Turning Helper, Version 3

[Segmented Turning Helper, Version 3]

John Di Stefano has released version 3 of this free tool Segmented Turning Helper. The program helps you design segmented turning projects such as turned bowls and vases. Here's the basic description of the tool.

Segmented Turning Helper assists you in creating your segmented turning projects by calculating the segment length of each ring in your project.

The software is easy to use. Input the number of segments, thickness and width of the segment for each ring from your plan drawing and then click the calculate button to calculate the segment length for each ring. A clear, easy to read printout is provided giving segment lengths and a timber stock list.

The software is free and should be used for private use only. Simply download it to your computer, install it and use it. Win 10, 8, 7

[Segmented Turning Helper, Version 3]

The new version uses a camera class from my book WPF 3d to provide realiztic 3D rendering. It even uses wood grain textures to make the result look more realistic.

I'm glad you found my book useful, John!

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