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Title: Quickly insert standard menu items on a form in C#

[Quickly insert standard menu items on a form in C#]

Many applications need standard File, Edit, Tools, and Help menus. Visual Studio provides a simple way to build standard menu items. You can then edit the menu to add new items and remove items that you don't need. Visual Studio initially gives the menu items unwieldy names like undoToolStripMenuItem and indexToolStripMenuItem so you may also want to change them.

To create the standard menu items, add a MenuStrip to the form. In the Form Designer, select the MenuStrip and click its smart tag (the little right-pointing triangle in its upper right corner) to open the smart tag dialog shown in the picture above. Then click the Insert Standard Items link and you're done.
The following figure shows the menus that are created.

[Quickly insert standard menu items on a form in C#]

Download the example to experiment with it and to see additional details.

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