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Format values in a ListBox in C#

The ListBox control’s FormatString property determines how the control formats the values it displays. This can be particularly useful if you need to display values that need special formatting such as dates and currency amounts. When it starts, this example … Continue reading

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Convert a string to proper case (title case) in C#

In proper case (or title case) the first letter of each word is capitalized. This is actually pretty easy once you know where to find the method that converts to proper case. The example uses the following code to convert … Continue reading

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Format text in a RichTextBox in C#

To format text in a RichTextBox, use the control’s Select method to select the text. Then use the “Selection” properties (SelectionAlignment, SelectionBackColor, SelectionFont, etc.) to set the properties for the selected text. This example uses the following code to format … Continue reading

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