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Calculate the gamma function in C#

The gamma function, represented by the capital Greek letter gamma Γ, was derived by Daniel Bernoulli for complex numbers with a positive real part. The interesting thing about the gamma function is that &Gamma(n + 1) = n! for integers … Continue reading

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Find rectangles defined by a side and aspect ratio in C#

You probably haven’t needed to make your program draw rectangles that are defined by specifying one of its sides. I haven’t either, but I want this for another program that I plan to write. Of course a single side isn’t … Continue reading

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Zip files with the ZipFile class in C#

The static ZipFile class is relatively new (.NET Framework 4.5 and later), so this example uses Visual Studio 2019. The following section explains how to load the ZipFile class in a Visual Studio 2019 project. The rest of this post … Continue reading

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Simulate a doubling betting strategy in C#

Casinos love customers who have a betting strategy because those customers always end up losing. As long as the game’s events are independent of each other (for example, one roll of the dice does not depend on the previous rolls), … Continue reading

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Book Drawing: C++ All-in-One For Dummies, 4th Edition

John Mueller has kindly donated five copies of his book C++ All-in-One For Dummies, 4th Edition for me to give away. The only catch is that you should post a review on Amazon when you’ve had a chance to look … Continue reading

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