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Easily save and restore CheckedListBox values in the Registry in C#

The example Easily save and restore a form’s settings in the Registry in C# shows one way you can save a form’s settings and the values placed in its controls. That example really just demonstrates the basic ideas and shows … Continue reading

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Use k-means clustering to find clusters of data in C#

I was recently editing John Mueller and Luca Massaron’s book Machine Learning For Dummies, Second Edition. (This link is for the first edition. I’ll try to remember to update it when the new edition is available.) The book is about … Continue reading

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Automatically set camera distance in WPF and C#

This example extends the post Build a geodesic sphere with WPF and C# to let you automatically set the camera distance to make the scene fill the viewport. Making a 3D scene fill the viewport nicely can be tricky. The … Continue reading

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Make numbered buttons in C#

This program lets you create a sequence of images that look like numbered buttons. It’s another program that I seem to recreate periodically. Click the Background and Foreground color swatches to change those colors. Use the numeric up/down controls to … Continue reading

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