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Recently President Trump claimed that the United States and Germany were tied for the fewest COVID-19 deaths per capita in the world. The example Graph world total COVID-19 cases, deaths, and recoveries in C# allows you to check that claim in a matter of seconds.

The picture above shows the example program displaying the graphs of deaths per million for the United States and all countries with fewer deaths per million. There are only 10 countries that have a higher number of deaths per million. Of those, San Marino (population 33,785) and Andorra (77,006) have such small populations that a single event may dominate their results. Each of those countries has reported only between 40 and 50 deaths.

It is possible that some other countries have higher numbers of deaths per million than the United States, but their reporting isn’t reliable. For example, Eritrea has only reported 39 cases, has not reported a new case in almost a month, and had reported no deaths. There’s little hope of knowing what’s going on in that country.

In addition to seeing that the United States ranks 11th-from-last in the picture above, you can also see that Germany is only 7 spots better off. That puts them far below the United States in terms of deaths per million, but still higher than the majority of other countries.

Download the earlier example to study the data yourself.

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