Recommended Book on CD: “The Serpent of Venice” by Christopher Moore

This book continues the adventures of Pocket, the fool who is the title character in the previous Christopher Moore book Fool. The book begins with Pocket’s murder, or at least attempted murder. Hilarity then ensures as Pocket spends the rest of the book avenging his own death.

If you read my earlier post about Moore’s book Fool, you may remember how much I enjoyed the performance of reader Euan Morton. Morton brings the same amazing set of skills to this book, giving each character a separate, recognizable, and somehow wholly appropriate voice. His performances are so good that I may seek out books based on his reading them. (I notice that he is also the reader for Moore’s book Sacre Bleu. I’ve read it but now may need to find it on CD.)

I also notice that Moore has a new book coming out, Shakespeare for Squirrels and Morton is also the reader for that book. At a whopping $31 for the paperback and $40 for the CD version, I may need to wait on that one for a while or try the $15 Kindle edition.

As with all of Moore’s books, skip this book if you don’t like bawdy humor. But if you like general silliness in a Shakespearean setting, this is another great listen.

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