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Load enums at runtime to understand them and their attributes in C#

This example shows how you can load enums from a file at runtime. It demonstrates several useful techniques including: Defining custom attributes Defining attributes with multiple parameters Creating attributes at both design time and run time Loading code at runtime … Continue reading

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Draw an image circle in C#

This example is somewhat similar to the post Draw an image spiral in C# except it draws an image circle instead of an image spiral. The key is the DrawImageCircle method, which draws a smaller image in a circle on … Continue reading

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Use the ColorMatrix and ImageAttributes classes to quickly modify image colors in C#

This example shows how to use the ColorMatrix and ImageAttribute classes to quickly modify image colors. I’ve made several posts that use those classes to modify image colors in a few specific ways. I’ve also posted other posts that modify … Continue reading

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Draw a rounded polygon in C#

This post uses techniques described in my post Connect two line segments with a circular arc in C# to draw a rounded polygon. The earlier post uses mathematics to find a circular arc to join two line segments. This post … Continue reading

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