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Use big toolstrip buttons in C#

This example shows how you can make big toolstrip buttons. It also shows how to make buttons act as comboboxes that let you select images. At design time, I created the toolstrip and added the button with the flower on … Continue reading

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Rotate images to straighten them in C#

I’ve written a couple of examples that show how to rotate images. I made many of them because I wanted to adjust a picture I had taken that was slightly crooked. Those examples work well, but they can be fairly … Continue reading

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Make a hexagonal montage of pictures in C#

This example combines techniques from several earlier posts to make a hexagonal montage. It uses the techniques demonstrated in the post Draw a hexagonal grid in C# to define the grid and to make positions on the form two and … Continue reading

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Find drawn characters under the mouse in C#

The following examples find the positions of drawn characters in a string that is drawn by using the Graphics object’s DrawString method. Measure character positions in a drawn string in C# Measure character positions when drawing long strings in C# … Continue reading

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Clip an image to a polygon in C#

This example lets you select a polygon and then uses it to clip an image to it. It uses the technique described in my previous post Build a polygon selector class in C# to let you select the polygon. The … Continue reading

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Build a polygon selector class in C#

This example shows how to make a polygon selector class that makes it easy to let the user select a polygon. I call this kind of class that provides a service for another class a symbiont. In a symbiotic relationship, … Continue reading

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Arrange images on the corners of a polygon in C#

This post shows a way to arrange images on top of a background image as shown in the image above. How to Use the Program Enter the names of the background and foreground image files, or use the File menu’s … Continue reading

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