Book Drawing: The Modern C# Challenge

I’m holding a drawing for 10 copies of my latest book, The Modern C# Challenge. Here’s the short blurb about this book.

The Modern C# Challenge

Become an expert C# programmer by solving interesting programming problems

[The Modern C# Challenge]

This book includes 100 problems (with solutions) that you can use to test and hone your C# programming skills. They cover an eclectic assortment of topics, such as mathematical calculations, geometry, dates and times, the file system, simulations, and cryptography. These problems won’t make you an expert in those fields, but they will give you some experience with a wide variety of useful topics.

To enter the drawing, simply send your name and email address to me at Use the subject line “The Modern C# Challenge book drawing” so I know what your email is about. All I ask in return is that you post a review.

From previous experience I know that not all that many people enter this sort of drawing, so your chances of winning may be fairly good.

The deadline is January 18, 2019. I’ll announce the winners (without your email addresses) shortly after that. The book will be delivered as an eBook.

Goood luck!

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Rod Stephens is a software consultant and author who has written more than 30 books and 250 magazine articles covering C#, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications, Delphi, and Java.
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