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Make a Word document with multiple pages in C#

The example Create a Word document in C# shows how to create a Word document and save it into a file. See that example for the basics including how to create the document, add paragraphs to it, and save it … Continue reading

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Solve Geometric Problems with C#

[This is a promo piece by Packt, the publisher of my book The Modern C# Challenge. It includes two of the 100 example problems and solutions in the book.] Solve Geometric Problems with C# Learn how to solve C# geometric … Continue reading

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Pingback: Code Project post “Orbital Mechanics Introduction, Part 2”

The Code Project post Orbital Mechanics Introduction, Part 2 by charles922 uses some code from my WPF 3D posts. His program lets you experiment with the following orbital parameters: Eccentricity – the eccentricity of the orbit’s ellipse. Inclination – the … Continue reading

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Quick notes on the recent Windows update

Recently my computer decided that it needed to perform a bit Windows update. I can usually tell when that’s about to happen because performance is terrible for no obvious reason. BTW, if you wonder whether an update is impacting performance, … Continue reading

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Winners of the book drawing

Congratulations to the following winners of the book drawing for copies of The Modern C# Challenge. Josh Williams Tony Ropson Richard Moss Mark Williamson William Cruz Stephen Igor Kuzmishov Paolo Mike Griffiths Francisco Javier L√≥pez Manzano If you didn’t win, … Continue reading

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Why you should study algorithms (plus a free book drawing)

There are several reasons why you should study algorithms. I’m going to talk about four of them. (If you want to skip to the bottom, you can read about the drawing I’m having in the next few days for one … Continue reading

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Book Drawing: The Modern C# Challenge

I’m holding a drawing for 10 copies of my latest book, The Modern C# Challenge. Here’s the short blurb about this book. The Modern C# Challenge Become an expert C# programmer by solving interesting programming problems This book includes 100 … Continue reading

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Save and restore lines drawn by a WPF line editor in C#

The example Make a WPF line editor C# shows how to make a program that lets the user draw lines on a WPF canvas. This example is similar but it also allows you to save and restore drawings. The WPF … Continue reading

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Convert camel case into underscore case in C#

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of C#-to-python conversion. The style in C# is to use camel case where you capitalize the first letter each each word after the first one in a variable’s name as in thisIsAVariableName. The style … Continue reading

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