Make a Shakespeare insult generator in C#

[Shakespeare insult generator]

This example shows how to build a Shakespeare insult generator by selecting one word from each of three arrays and combining the results. The following code shows the arrays (with many values omitted to save space).

// The insult pieces
// (from
private string[] Column0 =

private string[] Column1 =

private string[] Column2 =

When you click the Generate button, the following code generates a random insult.

// Generate a random insult.
private void btnGenerate_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    txtInsult.Text = "Thou " +
        Column0.RandomElement() + " " +
        Column1.RandomElement() + " " +

To implement the Shakespeare insult generator, this code code uses the RandomElement extension method described in the post Make extension methods that pick random items from arrays or lists in C#. It uses that method to pick random items from each of the three arrays and combines the selections to generate the insult. It then displays the result.

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