WPF 3d: Table of Contents

[WPF 3d]

This is a brief summary of the table of contents for my book WPF 3D, Three-Dimensional Graphics with WPF and C#.

Part I. Getting Started
Chapter 1. XAML Example
Chapter 2. C# Example
Chapter 3. Coordinates
Chapter 4. Projections
Chapter 5. Camera Control
Chapter 6. Lights
Chapter 7. Materials

Part II. Building Shapes
Chapter 8. Vector Arithmetic
Chapter 9. Transformations
Chapter 10. Polygons
Chapter 11. Parallelograms
Chapter 12. Boxes
Chapter 13. Pyramids
Chapter 14. Cones
Chapter 15. Cylinders
Chapter 16. Spheres
Chapter 17. Tori
Chapter 18. Tetrahedrons
Chapter 19. Cubes
Chapter 20. Octahedrons
Chapter 21. Dodecahedrons
Chapter 22. Icosahedrons
Chapter 23. Wireframes

Part III. Investigating Advanced Topics
Chapter 24. Geodesic Spheres
Chapter 25. Stellate Solids
Chapter 26. Surfaces
Chapter 27. Normals
Chapter 28. Transformation Surfaces
Chapter 29. Fractal Surfaces
Chapter 30. Three-Dimensional Text
Chapter 31. Two-Dimensional Text
Chapter 32. Moving Objects
Chapter 33. Models
Chapter 34. Charts and Graphs
Chapter 35. Skeletons

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