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This is the errata page for my book WPF 3D, Three-Dimensional Graphics with WPF and C#. If you find mistakes, please post them here in the “Leave a Reply” box at the bottom of the page. I will moderate them and fix them in new copies of the book.

Page Description
77 Just before the attenuation equation, the text “is multiplied by” should be “is divided by.”
245 AddPoylgon should be AddPolygon

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13 Responses to Book Errata Page: WPF 3d

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  4. Martin says:

    On page 45, fourth paragraph you write about the concept “bimetric projection” whereas the term “dimetric projection” used in other places in the chapter.

  5. Martin says:

    Here is a few more:

    Page 45, fifth paragraph,: Second sentance is “To make a trimetric projection in WPF, …” should probably be “To make a isometric projection in WPF, …”

    On Page 58 sixth paragraph it says
    “They use the CartesianToSpherical and CartesianToSpherical methods…”
    it should probably be
    “They use the CartesianToSpherical and SphericalToCartesian methods…”

    Page 90, NOTE-box furthest down the page. “In Part II od the book” should probably be “In Part II of the book”.

    Chapter 34 does not have the chapter number in the page headers.

  6. Martin says:

    Returned to the book and found a minor misstake on page 102:

    Under the heading “Center middle”, last paragraph says “The Stretch value FlipXY…” but FlipXY is a TileMode value.

  7. Bengt Nolang says:

    On page 11 it states that the main web page is www. This page is non-existent. The address should end with html instead of just htm.

  8. John Di Stefano says:

    Spelling error on page 245, third paragraph. AddPoylgon should read AddPolygon.
    Also, Page 59/60 I think is a code error for Key.Plus and Key.Minus.
    Key.Plus should call DecreaseR() and Key.Minus should call IncreaseR().

    • RodStephens says:

      The AddPoylgon thing is obviously wrong. Thanks for catching that.

      I think the +/- issue depends on whether you want + to zoom in or out. You may be right that it should zoom in (which makes the object appear larger). I’m going to leave this as it is (largely out of laziness) so + means to increase the distance.

  9. Attila Vari says:

    On page 123 you are stating that M10 of the matrix (rotation transformation) will be ’-sin(Θ)’, when rotating arounf the Z axis. But on page 124 – where the example is rotating point [1,0,0,1] around the Z axis by 90⁰ – the result of ’-sin(90)’ is 1 in M10. Shouldn’t it be -1?

    • RodStephens says:

      Sorry, you’re right. The M10 entry should be -1. When you multiply that entry by the point, the result is zero either way so the mistake isn’t obvious in the result.

      Thanks for pointing this out!

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