Draw, move, and delete line segments in VB.NET

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This progra lets you draw, move, and delete line segments from a drawing. It’s a Visual Basic .NET version of the example Draw, move, and delete line segments in C# made by request.

Click and drag to draw line segments. If you click on a segment’s end point, you can drag it into a new position. If you click on a segment’s body, you can move the whole segment. Finally if you drag a segment onto the trash can icon, the program asks if you want to delete the segment.

See the original post for an explanation of how the program works.

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3 Responses to Draw, move, and delete line segments in VB.NET

  1. Marino Liranzo says:

    Hello Mr. Rod Stephens,

    I am working on a small application in which I draw straight lines and rectangles in a picturebox. I would like to know how to implement the Undo and ReDo functionalities when I am creating lines.

    If you could help me with an example of the code.

    Marino Liranzo

  2. Marino Liranzo says:

    Thank Mr. Rod Stephens,
    You are very kind.
    I will try to make my code starting from this example

    Marino Liranzo

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