New Book: Interview Puzzles Dissected, Solving and Understanding Interview Puzzles

[Interview Puzzles Dissected, Solving and Understanding Interview Puzzles]I’m pleased to announce my latest book Interview Puzzles Dissected, Solving and Understanding Interview Puzzles. It explains how to solve more than 200 of the most common and interesting interview puzzles in use by high-tech companies.

This is my 31st book, my first self-published book, and by far my least expensive book ;-).

The book not only explains the puzzles’ solutions, but it also explains why the solutions work so you can use them to solve other similar puzzles.

Lately many people have decided that interview puzzles have no place in a technical interview. In fact you can gain useful insights by using these types of puzzles, but only if you prepare properly. Interview Puzzles Dissected explains how interviewers can use interview puzzles to get important extra information about a job candidate, including the answer to the all-important question, “Can I effectively work with this person?”

No programming is required, although the book does contain suggested programming exercises that you can use to gain a deeper understanding of the puzzles and their solutions.

This book is a must for:

  • Anyone preparing to interview at a high-tech company
  • Interviewers preparing to give interviews for a high-tech company
  • Those who just enjoy solving these kinds of puzzles

[ OverviewTable of ContentsSample PuzzlesQuestions and DiscussionErrata ]

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Rod Stephens is a software consultant and author who has written more than 30 books and 250 magazine articles covering C#, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications, Delphi, and Java.
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