Make string extensions to URL encode and decode strings in C#

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When you URL encode a string, you convert special characters into numeric sequences thath are safe to use in a URL. When you URL decode a string, you reverse the process.

The following code creates extension methods for the string class that lets you convert spaces into the string “ ” and that URL encode and decode strings.

static class StringExtensions
    // Extension to replace spaces with  
    public static string SpaceToNbsp(this string s)
        return s.Replace(" ", " ");

    // Url encode an ASCII string.
    public static string UrlEncode(this string s)
        return HttpUtility.UrlEncode(s);

    // Url decode an ASCII string.
    public static string UrlDecode(this string s)
        return HttpUtility.UrlDecode(s);

The SpaceToNbsp method simply replaces spaces with the string “ ”. The UrlEncode and UrlDecode methods use the HttpUtility class’s UrlEncode and UrlDecode methods. Those methods replace special characters with URL-safe sequences.

The string extension methods are really easy to use. This example uses them in the following code.

private void btnConvert_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    txtNbsp.Text = txtString.Text.SpaceToNbsp();
    txtUrlEncode.Text = txtString.Text.UrlEncode();
    txtUrlDecode.Text = txtUrlEncode.Text.UrlDecode();

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