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[Visual Studio toolbar button]

The example Create a Visual Studio tool shows how to add useful web or email capabilities to Visual Studio’s Tools menu. This entry explains how to add a Visual Studio toolbar button for those commands so they’re easier to use.

After you add the tools to the Tools menu, follow these steps to make the toolbar buttons:

  1. Open the Tools menu and select Customize.
  2. On the Toolbars tab, click New. Name the new toolbar “Links” (or whatever you like).
  3. With the Customize dialog still visible, open the Tools menu. Find the new external command(s) you created in the previous post. It will probably be named something like “External Command 3” somewhere above the External Tools item. Right-click this item and change its Name to “C# Helper” or something more appropriate than “External Command 3.”
  4. Then hold down the Ctrl key and drag the item to the new toolbar. This will copy the item into the new toolbar while leaving a copy in the Tools menu.
  5. Close the Customize dialog and test the new toolbar’s command.

You can use similar techniques to place other commands on a new toolbar to make tools you need frequently easier to use.

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1 Response to Create a Visual Studio toolbar button

  1. Had a similar topic yesterday with the exception that i wanted to use gimp2.8.
    Workflow as follow: (Tested on Windows10)
    # New File; Width: nrIcons*16; Height 16px. Delete Background Layer;
    # Create a Grid with Image->Configure Grid. Options: 4px offset left only, 16px wide/height.
    # Choose View-Show Grid and View-Snap to Grid.
    # Add transparent *.ico Files as Layers, snapping everyone to the Grid.
    # Choose Image-Mode-Indexed. Options: AllDefault.
    # Finally: File-Export as bmp and just use the default settings.
    Tags: #WINAPI #BUTTON #BITMAP #toolbar

    Here one can find a working, free to use, sample Gimp2.8 project file containing the above Work:

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