Draw a Phoenix set fractal in C#

[Phoenix set fractal] [Phoenix set fractal] [Phoenix set fractal] [Phoenix set fractal]

This example shows how to draw a Phoenix set fractal, a shape that was discovered by Shigehiro Ushiki in 1988. The fractal is generated by iterating the equation:

    Zn+1 = Zn2 + Re(C) + Im(C) * Zn-1

Where the Zs and C are complex numbers, C is a constant, and for a point (X, Y):

    Z0 = 0
    Z1 = 0
    C  = X + Yi

The program iterates this equation until the magnitude of Zn is at least 2 or the program performs a maximum number of iterations. It then uses the number of iterations as an index into an array of colors to set the pixel’s color.

This example provides a lot of other features such as the ability to zoom in and out and the ability to select the colors used. See the code for details.

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