Automatically resize ListView columns to fit their data in C#

ListView columns

It’s actually pretty easy to automatically resize ListView columns to fit their data. If you set a ListView column’s width to -1, it automatically resizes to fit the data it contains. If you set the width to -2, it resizes to fit its data and its column header.

This example displays buttons that let you set the ListView‘s column widths to 100 pixels, -1, or -2. The program uses the following SetListViewColumnSizes method to set all of the column widths at once.

// Set the listView's column sizes to the same value.
private void SetListViewColumnSizes(ListView lvw, int width)
    foreach (ColumnHeader col in lvw.Columns)
        col.Width = width;

This code simply loops through the ListView control’s columns and sets their values to whatever value was passed into the method.

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  1. inam says:

    This was nice trick or hack and it just solved the issue. Thanks a lot.

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