Use reflection to enumerate HatchStyle values and display samples of them in C#


The post Use reflection to easily list the values defined by an enumerated type in C# shows one way to list the values in an enumeration. This example uses that technique in the following code to enumerate the HatchStyle values.

// Display the names and samples of the HatchStyle values.
private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    // Get a list of the HatchStyles.
    List<HatchStyle> hatch_styles = GetEnumValues<HatchStyle>();
    foreach (HatchStyle hatch_style in hatch_styles)

For each HatchStyle, this code calls the DisplayHatchStyle method. That method displays the HatchStyle names and samples in a Panel and adds the Panel to the program’s FlowLayoutPanel. See the example Display images of the cursors available in C# for details about that technique.

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2 Responses to Use reflection to enumerate HatchStyle values and display samples of them in C#

  1. Oliver Bock says:

    Good stuff. Think you have put BM_WID where you meant BM_HGT at lines 81 & 95.

  2. Rod Stephens says:

    Hi Oliver,

    You’re right. By coincidence, the program was only copying part of the image into a different image and displaying the image in a smaller PictureBox. Although the bitmap had the incorrect size, you didn’t notice because it was bigger than necessary.

    It’s still nice to fix these things. Thanks for pointing this out!

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