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C# 5.0 Programmer's Reference Essential Algorithms Stephens' C# Programming with Visual Studio 2010 24-Hour Trainer

If you have copies of any of my books (I’ve written more than 26 now), please post some book reviews. Books live and die based on their online reviews these days. Book sales pay for the corn chips and energy drinks it takes to keep this web site running! (If you don’t own any of the books I’ve written, buy some and then review them! 🙂 )

Remember, a review doesn’t need to be long. Potential readers just want to know if the book is worth the time and expense to buy and read it. If you briefly explain the level of the book and tell what you like or didn’t like, that’ll help them make that decision.

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Rod Stephens is a software consultant and author who has written more than 30 books and 250 magazine articles covering C#, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications, Delphi, and Java.
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