Draw a smooth vortex fractal in C#

smooth vortex fractal

This example draws a smooth vortex fractal. The example Draw a vortex fractal in C# explains how to draw a vortex fractal. The example Draw a Mandelbrot set fractal with smoothly shaded colors in C# explains how to use smooth shading when drawing a Mandelbrot set.

This example combines the equations of the first post with the color scheme of the second. See those examples and this example’s code for the details.

The shading isn’t perfect because the program uses a smoothing algorithm designed for the Mandelbrot set rather than for this fractal, but the result is still very nice, particularly for the second smoothing method. Use the Options menu’s Set Options command to set the colors used, the smoothing method, and the maximum number of iterations the program will perform.

Click the following thumbnails to see slightly larger versions.

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