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Use a standard Windows dialog to let the user select a folder in C#

The .NET OpenFileDialog and SaveFileDialog are fairly full-featured. They’re a lot like Windows Explorer with some added file selection capabilities thrown in. In contrast, the FolderBrowserDialog is pretty pathetic. It lets you use only a hierarchical tree-like display, doesn’t provide … Continue reading

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Make a simple tip calculator (Tipster) for Windows Phone in C#

You can view and download the app for free in the Windows Phone Store. I wrote this program mostly to see how hard it was to submit an application to the Windows Phone Store. Submission did require a fair amount … Continue reading

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Use an ImageAttributes object to convert an image to shades of red, green, or blue color in C#

The example Use an ImageAttributes object to adjust an image’s brightness in C# explains how to use ImageAttributes and ColorMatrix objects to adjust an image’s brightness. That example scaled each pixel’s red, green, and blue color components by the same … Continue reading

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