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Use a standard Windows dialog to let the user select a folder in C#

The .NET OpenFileDialog and SaveFileDialog are fairly full-featured. They’re a lot like Windows Explorer with some added file selection capabilities thrown in. In contrast, the FolderBrowserDialog is pretty pathetic. It lets you use only a hierarchical tree-like display, doesn’t provide … Continue reading

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Make a simple tip calculator (Tipster) for Windows Phone in C#

You can view and download the app for free in the Windows Phone Store. I wrote this program mostly to see how hard it was to submit an application to the Windows Phone Store. Submission did require a fair amount … Continue reading

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Use the automatic code converters at developerFusion to convert C# code into Visual Basic, Ruby, and Python

One of the most important uses for reflection is analyzing code to figure out what it does. Once you know what the code does, you can emit new code to do the same thing in a different programming language. The … Continue reading

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Use an ImageAttributes object to convert an image to shades of red, green, or blue color in C#

The example Use an ImageAttributes object to adjust an image’s brightness in C# explains how to use ImageAttributes and ColorMatrix objects to adjust an image’s brightness. That example scaled each pixel’s red, green, and blue color components by the same … Continue reading

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