Post questions, tips, tricks, and suggestions here

This is just a post where you can post your questions, tips, tricks, suggestions, or what have you. Post these in the comments section. (They are still subject to moderation so don’t waste everyone’s time trying to post links to knock off sunglasses.)

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  1. szulak says:

    I have write nice article about caching object in C#. You can find it here:
    Caching objects in C#

  2. Fernando says:

    This is one question, and sorry to bother you. I’m trying to develop a Radial Menu for a customer. I cannot see how to check if a point is inside a Pie.
    I appreciate any help.
    Best regards. Fernando

  3. Ello says:

    If you could do a post on winmm.dll in Specifically the timeBeginPeriod,timeSetEvent,timeKillEvent, and timeEndPeriod methods. Having a hard time understanding how to use them. Some background:

    The precision of multithreaded timers depends on the operation system, and is typically in the 10-20 ms region. If you need greater precision, you can use native interop and call the Windows multimedia timer. This has precision down to 1 ms and it is defined in winmm.dll.

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